Par-Tec Spa, Software Engineer

FrontEnd Design in Angular 8


Citelum SA, Software Architect / Cyber Security Manager

Development of hybrid applications using rest, Angular 4 and Ionic technologies 3. Using Java and nosql databases as MongoDB.

Intesta San Paolo

Intesa Sanpaolo, External IT Consult

Java Struts / PL Sql / Xml application management. Transaction Management Middle Office Book Orders


Par-Tec Spa, Software Engineer

My role in Par-Tec is to engineer the software right away giving me great responsibilities by sending his client Intesa Sanpaolo.

adv plugin

ADV Plugin, Mobile/Web Analyst

My role in the company is to manage a team of programmers, graphic designers, social media and creative in the development of computer applications (apps, website, e-commerce and management software etc.), dealing with issues of problem solving through Scrum approach.

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Tutor Aziendale

Tiling work for the undergraduates in “Informatica”, processing and correction of projects for the undergraduate thesis.

Poste Nazionali, IT & data Solution Manager

From April 2015 to October 2016 I worked as a Consultant for Presales, specializing in telecommunications, system integration and IT related services. During this time I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with a wide range of customers. My technical support experience has improved my leadership and teamwork skills, the ability to find innovative and destructive solutions, a strong analytical and technical approach, excellent customer relationship management, complete dedication to goals Of the project, the ability to cope with the pressures and timing of the project.

oneclick srl

OneClick srl, Co Founder & Mobile/Web Analyst

Web technologies: Javascript, jQuery mobile, XML, HTML5, CSS3, EJB, JPA, DAO, PrimeFaces, MySQL, Swift, Objective-C.
Performance within a development team, of the application SMARTSHOP: Hybrid Mobile App Development. Study of the framework Worklight., SOA, Development and testing Worklight client/server projects. Worklight Adapters, REST, REST call and AJAX, JSON data format. Restyling of app pages, modify style visualization of data; Application Lifecycle Management to build and deploy an App Android, generated with Worklight, on hybrid devices; external services integration (ex. Google Maps plug-in); Push notifications (Google GCM); Authentication – Authorization – Accounting; authentication of realms.
Javascript/AJAX event-driven programming; PhoneGap/Cordova integration with Worklight; Facebook API integration with PhoneGap/Cordova; Facebook APP development; plug-in Cordova integration with Worklight.
Analysis report on the backend data Application using the suite of UI components PrimeFaces; Application Analysis of data of registered users with respective chart. Portal development for application management backend side.
Creation of data models and design of new tables to be included in the database, through specified tools with respective documentation (ex. ER diagrams). Database development on MySQL platform. Data analysis and report extraction through SQL language.
Consultation and briefing on the work-flow by the whole development team regarding logical concepts, the MVC model, the structure of the framework and code to be developed.


CSI presso Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Mobile/Web Analyst

Document management phase of the internship through an Android app and web interface and its document management
Web technologies: Javascript, Java, Lucene, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Alfresco ,Tomcat.

On-going consulting activities with the development team for the alignment and design of the new developments aimed at the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

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